Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laandan 2012 - Limpicks innit

Not much has been happening on the racing front for the last few weeks so I thought I'd write about my recent trip to London (there is a bike theme so don't worry).

Just like millions of others when the Olympic ticket lottery was announced sometime last year I greedily applied for as many different and varied events as I could. Oddly the only tickets I'd actually be successful in getting were for the mens road race. An event that you could watch for free. This didn't put me off and I shelled out for the privilege of sitting in the stands by the finish line. An added bonus was I could give my second ticket to my Dad for his Birthday. He's a pain in the arse to get gifts for.

I was a little cynical about the Olympics leading up to the event but I'm pleased to say that the whole event and atmosphere in London blew me away. Me and my Dad got the train down from Bristol and decided to walk from Paddington across Hyde Park to the Mall to take in the sights. It was nice to be a bit touristy as it's not normally something I get to do when visiting friends in London.

A large Colombian

Once in the stands I was surprised to find out it was a bit of a free for all for where you could sit. We chanced our hand at sitting as close to the line as possible. Somehow we managed to get in what seemed like a bit of a VIP section (it wasn't but that's how it felt) just a couple of rows behind Peta Todd (Mrs Cav) and baby Cav and an assorted cast of hangers on and Hello magazine cast offs

Paul Smith                                                                                      Bored Ed Milliband

Matthew Pinsent interviewing Mrs Cav

Anyway you all know what happened in the race GB got worked over by the rest of the world and Vino sprinted to Gold from a break from the break. I wasn't overly bothered who did win (I'd have liked Cavendish or better still Phil Gilbert) up until a really annoying dick sat behind me started moaning about Vino. Without sounding like a bike snob he was one of the new breed of cyclists who was just sat regurgitating what he'd read in the last edition of Cycling Weekly and talking about the Etape and how he'd love to race but his bike handling skills weren't up to scratch blah blah.

He got quite upset when I started chanting Vino, Vino, Vino and asked why I was supporting a drugs cheat. I told him that you didn't want it enough unless you took drugs, and was he forgetting that GB had a reformed drugs cheat in their squad. My Dad asked him if he saw any difference in athletes taking performance enhancing drugs and city bankers cheating. Poor fella and his mate got in a bit of a miff at that.


Oh and I said hello to Boris Johnson on the way out and he asked me if I was well and had I had a good day. Yes thanks Boris I did

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