Monday, May 28, 2012

Erlestoke 12 - Race Report

I always struggle remembering what happened throughout the course of a race so please forgive me if the following is a little bit of a mindless ramble. That and I'm still recovering from my post race recovery, which mainly involved me sitting in my pants drinking beer. Actually I think an apology is due to my neighbours for that too.

Anyway the Erlestoke 12, formerly known as Set2Rise an event which ran from 6pm to 6am, which now runs from midday to midnight. A really, really enjoyable singletrack heavy course organised and run by SPAM biking. I'd raced Set2Rise a couple of years ago and got a third in the solo 12 but that edition of the race saw it rain for the first 9 hours. This years event would be entirely different and saw the majority of racers struggling at some point with the high temperatures.

Following the usual pre-race chatting to friends, bike fettling and panic over the realisation that I was woefully unprepared for 12 hours racing in the baking sun, all the racers assembled ready for the off. From what I can recall my race pretty much went; Good start (perhaps too good), got hot and bothered and wanted to pack after about 2 hours, got more hot and bothered and more fed up with racing bikes when I should really be at a barbecue or a pub beer garden somewhere, got even hotter and....well you get the picture, it was hot. Followed by a couple of really fun hours of darkness which with the help of Maxx-D and Diablo lights from Exposure saw me back in love with racing mountain bikes again.

After all this I crossed the line to be told I'd finished third in the 12 hours solo. Pleased, relieved and completely knackered that strange mix of feelings you get when you finish a solo. Did the podium then set off to look for a 24 hour Maccie-D's.


Once again thanks to all of our amazing sponsors, hopefully I gave a good account of myself:
Niner, Ergon, Stan's, Loco Tuning, Rotor, Geax, Topeak, Exposure

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