Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CRC Mtb Marathon - Builth Wells

Here's my belated report for the first round of the CRC Mtb Marathon series.

By now I'm sure you've had the opportunity to read any number of reports on the event which would do an infinitely better job at detailing what happened on the day than I will. Scot's report on cyclist no1 was even nice enough to offer an excuse for how badly I rode. For those of you who may not know I became a father for the first time a couple of months ago and have been moaning to anyone who is prepared to listen about the impact parenthood has had on my, already shoddy, cycling performance.

Anyway as much as I'd like to use my daughter as an excuse, in all honesty you're either on it or your not. Sadly on this occasion I certainly wasn't. So much so I can barely remember what happened on the day (post traumatic stress has this effect I'm told). We seemed to start fairly steadily, with me feeling ok, then proceeded to go up a series of huge hills, which went on and on and on and.....and I blew my doors completely. The following 2 and a half hours or so was spent with me staring at my front wheel trying to maintain some composure through streams of snot and sweat. Thankfully by the time we hit the wooded singletrack section in Fforest Fileds (home to various Welsh XC rounds in the past) i'd recovered enough to not only enjoy the trails but be able to ride past the event photographer with my mouth closed and attempt my best MBR-esque pose. This only left the last little section to the event arena and the finish.

Thanks once again to Niner, Stans No-Tubes, Ergon, Loco-Tuning, Rotor, Topeak and Geax tyres. Fantastic sponsors and products all of which performed much better than me on the day.

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